CNC Machining

Developing and Manufacturing

Developing and Manufacturing
CNC Machining specialises in the development and manufacturing of quality products, proto-types, moulds and tooling for the marine, industrial and mining industries, as well as architectural components.

CAD/CAM Sophisticated Precision

CAD/CAM Sophisticated Precision
With the use of the latest CAD/CAM programs, our 5 axis router can find application in the most sophisticated special purpose machining projects.

Featured Services

CNC Marine partsMarine: hull, deck, hatch Moulds
CNC flotation unitsSub Sea: flotation units for ROV's
Architectural: signage and facadesArchitectural: signage and facades
Artistic: sculpturesArtistic: sculptures
Modelling: architecture imagingModelling: architecture imaging,
scale models and prototypingModelling: scale models and prototyping
Industrial: foundry patternsIndustrial: foundry patterns
Industrial: high speed product trimmingIndustrial: high speed product trimming
Development: prototypingDevelopment: prototyping